How Business Requirements Serve Business Rules by Gladys Lam (Business Rule Solutions)

When I start working with new clients, the one question that invariably comes up is “What’s the difference between business rules and business requirements?” I briefly took a look at this question in my Business Rules 101: What’s a Business Rule? column, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Business Rules vs. Business Requirements

Here’s a story that will be familiar to readers with kids of a certain age. Like many concerned mothers, when my daughter hit the driving age, I decided we needed to have some rules. Those rules were the following: no staying out past 10:30pm (grumbles); no letting new drivers — i.e., any of her friends — take her home without my permission (“Oh, Mooommmm.”); no getting in a car with people I didn’t know (“WHAT! I’m sixteen, you know — you don’t know all my friends!”); no going anywhere with strangers (“I’m not stupid, Mom!”); letting me know where she was at all times (“Oh BOY!” — big sigh).

My daughter thought about it for a little while and then agreed to follow the rules. However, she had one requirement. Want to guess what it was?

Her own car!

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