Looking for Expert Property Management Services for Your Emaar Beachfront Home? Selling Sunset Dubai

Abode Dubai offer specialised management services, handover services and Power of Attorney tailored specially for you to ensure your real estate journey is stress free whilst preserving your assets.

As part of the handover process, we attend the home orientation on your behalf, ensuring your property is in perfect condition for moving in. If there are an issues, we will contact the developer for immediate rectification.

Managing and letting your property is a complex process and, if done incorrectly,
can lead to loss of valuable time and money, therefore it is important to make sure
you choose the correct Property Manager.

We provide Power of Attorney to owners for
a smooth functioning and hassle-free
investment experience. As your appointed
POA, we will act on your behalf and handle
the mandatory steps involved in obtaining
your property, including inspection, home
orientation and handover, as well as utilities
connection and registration.


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