List of Asset Management Companies in Bangladesh | Mutual Fund Managers in BD | Finance School

List of Asset Management Companies in Bangladesh | Mutual Fund Managers in Bangladesh | Finance School

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What is Asset Management Company (AMC)? : AMC collects funds from the investors by issuing units and invests the funds in the portfolio of securities (Stocks, Bonds etc.).

Major Function of Asset Management Companies in Bangladesh: Managing Mutual Funds.

List of Asset Management Companies

ICB Asset Management Company Ltd.
Asset & Investment Management Services Bangladesh Ltd. (AIMS)
LR Global Bangladesh Asset Management Company Ltd.
Bangladesh Development Bank Limited
RACE Management Pvt. Co. Ltd.
Prime Finance Asset Management Company Ltd.
VIPB Asset Management Company Ltd.
Alif Asset Management Company Ltd.
Invest Asia Capital Asset Management Ltd.
National Asset Management Ltd.
Asian Tiger Capital Partners Asset Management Ltd.
Alliance Capital Asset Management Ltd.
Universal Financial Solutions Ltd.
Zenith Investment Ltd.
CAPM (Capital & Asset Portfolio Management) Company Ltd.
Rock Asset Management Ltd.
Lanka Bangla Asset Management Company Ltd.
Vanguard Asset Management Limited
Peninsula Asset Management Limited
Assurance Asset Management Ltd.
Strategic Equity Management Limited.
Impress Capital Limited.
Shanta Asset Management Limited
Credence Asset Management Limited
IDLC Asset Management Limited
HF Asset Management Limited
EBL Asset Management Ltd.
BDV Asset Management Company Limited
Capitec Asset Management Limited
Meghna Asset Management Limited.
Bloominance Asset Management Company Limited.
EDGE AMC Limited
Constellation Asset Management Company Limited
Joytun Asset Management Ltd.
CWT Asset Management Company Limited
CandleStone Investments Partner Limited
Blue-Wealth Assets Limited
Royal Bengal Investment Management Company Ltd.
Shahjalal Asset Management Limited
Belt And Road Asset Management Limited
Maslin Capital Limited
BMSL Asset Management Company Limited
Ekush Wealth Management Limited
MBL Asset Management Limited
UCB Asset Management Limited

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