Visual Plan Explainer Video – Facility Management and Security

We help facility and security managers efficiently manage buildings with our 360° capture and collaboration software platform. SiteView produces a spatially accurate, measurable carbon copy of buildings called “Digital Twins”. Compare the Digital Twin to future Captures or compare to 2D/3D CAD and BIM; annotate, mark-up and share. Retain critical building information regardless of staff turnover.

Save: Reduce site visits, travel, time, rework and track process.
Retention: critical building information is stored in the Digital Twin, so intelligence and knowledge does not leave when your personnel does.

Training: is efficient as new stakeholders, contractors, service providers and first responders can virtually visit spaces without the need to visit the site, room or space.

Maintain assets: to ensure operational efficiently, reduce downtime and costly repairs. Local, low cost members can be used to maintain the Digital Twin so high value team members can work remotely and efficiently.

Enhance collaboration: through the planning, design, project management and maintenance of facilities. The Digital Twin provides a high degree of connectivity.

Communicate Value: service providers and system integrators can show a high degree of value to customers. Facility managers increase value through concise effective communication and a digital transformation of operations which integrates CAD, collaboration and reporting.

Affordability: SiteView is the most cost effective commercial 360° capture collaboration platform for creating measurable Digital Twins to large scale with almost no capital investment.

Risk Reduction, Hazards, Job Safety Analysis: Digital Twins offer an effective way to review, inspect, assess and address vulnerabilities.

Security and Public Safety Focused: share critical information with first responders, security, inspectors and safety teams.

Build Digital Twins yourself or us do it.

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