#7. Strategies of International Human Resource Management & Why IHRM Important in Hindi and English

#7. Strategies of International Human Resource Management in Hindi and English
#strategies of international Human Resource Management with their advantages and disadvantages in Hindi and English
#International Human Resource Management
What are the five main functions of global human resource management?
##To deal with these changes, human resource managers employ five primary functions to keep their departments on task.
Staffing and Recruitment.

Salaries and Compensation Packages. …

Training and Development. …

Administrative Tasks. …

Legal Compliance.

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##Multidomestic: Low Integration and High Responsiveness

Companies with a multidomestic strategy have as aim to meet the needs and requirements of the local markets worldwide by customizing and tailoring their products and services extensively. In addition, they have little pressure for global integration. Consequently, multidomestic firms often have a very decentralized and loosely coupled structure where subsidiaries worldwide are operating relatively autonomously and independent from the headquarter. A great example of a multidomestic company is Nestlé. Nestlé uses a unique marketing and sales approach for each of the markets in which it operates. Furthermore, it adapts its products to local tastes by offering different products in different markets.

##Global: High Integration and Low Responsiveness

Global companies are the opposite of multidomestic companies. They offer a standarized product worldwide and have the goal to maximize efficiencies in order to recude costs as much as possible. Global companies are highly centralized and subsidiaries are often very dependent on the HQ. Their main role is to implement the parent company’s decisions and to act as pipelines of products and strategies. This model is also known as the hub-and-spoke model. Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer can be considered global companies.

##Transnational: High Integration and High Responsiveness

The transnational company has characteristics of both the global and multidomestic firm. Its aim is to maximize local responsiveness but also to gain benefits from global integration. Even though this seems impossible, it is actually perfectly doable when taking the whole value chain into considerations. Transnational companies often try to create economies of scale more upstream in the value chain and be more flexible and locally adaptive in downstream activities such as marketing and sales. In terms of organizational design, a transnational company is characterised by an integrated and interdependent network of subsidiaries all over the world. These subsidiaries have strategic roles and act as centres of excellence. Due to efficient knowledge and expertise exchange between subsidiaries, the company in general is able to meet both strategic objectives. A great example of a transnational company is Unilever.

##International: Low Integration and Low Responsiveness
An international company therefore has little need for local adaption and global integration. The majority of the value chain activities will be maintained at the headquarter. This strategy is also often referred to as an exporting strategy. Products are produced in the company’s home country and send to customers all over the world. Subsidiaries, if any, are functioning in this case more like local channels through which the products are being sold to the end-consumer. Large wine producers from countries such as France and Italy are great examples of international companies.
##What are the four basic strategies on international business?
##What are the four international strategies?
##What is global strategy in international business?
##What are the types of international business strategies?

#What are forms of international business?
What is an example of international ##business?

#reasons have this contributed to the growing interest in international Human Resource Management

#why ihrm is important:-

With the increasing of globalisation, international human resource management (IHRM) plays an important role in achieving the organisation’s goals. … They will be more ready to move their operations into another country and effectively manage their employees to achieve smooth operations of the organisations.

##The Importance Of IHRM Management

#conclusion:- to summarise IHRM management has important role in a company to survive in global business.
##merits and demerits of Strategies & IHR interventions
#International human management
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