QuickBooks Online For A Rental Property Management Company

QuickBooks Online can help Landlords and rental property owners but what about the owners of the property management company? This video will show you how a property management company should keep its own financial records. It’s different from how to use QuickBooks if you are the landlord. If you follow these QuickBooks online procedures, you will be able to manage all financial records of a company that gives rental property management services to their property owners / clients. You are required to give your landlord clients statements showing the rent you collected from tenants as well as the deductions from the landlord client’s final monthly payout for property management costs that you needed to spend. These reports are statements that will explain to your landlord customers how collected rent was applied. This includes tenant specific costs and the property management fee we earn y providing real estate rental service management. QuickBooks Online really is better than any other rental property management software for property management firms.
This QuickBooks YouTube Playlist will prove to all students studying and learning QuickBooks Online, that QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online are better for doing bookkeeping for rental properties and property management companies than any other software; including software that is specific to real estate rentals and properties managed by property management companies. This play list will soon have a video for every possible transaction type that a landlord could encounter when using QuickBooks Online to keep financial records of tenant’s deposits, tenant’s rent payments and rent invoices as well as real estate financial statement accuracy.

The ENTIRE QBO landlords playlist is here:

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